I don't know about you, but after the mad old times we've had, with Brexit votes and Trumpgate to name just two, the world feels a little uneasy to me.  Mental health is more present in the media, and rightly so - we should be talking about it, and helping those who ar...

So another series of the Great British Bake Off is over, and the For Heaven's Cakes team and Apprentices are forlorn, like bakers witnessing a soggy bottom they've no time to correct! 

We weren't even going to watch it, outraged at the change of channel and loss of winn...

 Channelling sunny vibes with this cake, as we're not quite ready to let go of the sunshine!  There is no denying we're heading into autumn and winter though, meaning warming cuppas and cake accompaniments.  Or, kids back to school and birthday parties to organise.  Fo...

 One more week to go and then school's out for summer and For Heaven's Cakes will be taking a little break to nurture the Apprentice Cake Makers, rather than baking up too many creations (although there is the odd wedding cake here and there, if truth be told!)

So it's...

 It's frosty, but no longer festive so stay warm and get fuzzy with your loved one, because Valentine's Day is on the way!

Whether you subscribe to the commercial celebration of exchanging cards secretively or otherwise, or not, no one can deny the power of cake to chee...

 I know, you Bah-Humbuggers!  It's only the beginning of November.  It's still 53 days until Christmas Day.  But that's only 75,000 minutes give or take and Advent arrives in 29 days!  Plus, if you're a fan of the Christmas fruit cake, in particular, making one, then y...

15 Sep 2016

 The start of a new academic year is upon us - time to learn new things.  But it's important to enjoy ourselves and have fun too!  Now the kids are back at school, why don't you make your child's birthday party planning easy, by booking a For Heaven's Cakes Cupcake Par...

Eat me!  Second wedding of the year complete - April has set the tone for this year!  Another non-traditional wedding cake for me to sink my teeth into and hopefully the wedding guests enjoyed sinking their teeth into the hidden delights of red velvet with white chocol...

Spring is here, the sun has started to shine more frequently and love is in the air.  This is the first wedding cake of the year 2016 with another booked in for 2 weeks time.  More later in the summer/autumn and I even have a couple booked for 2017 already.  Business i...

Now, everyone must do what they feel is right and I'm not going to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't eat.  Nor, do I expect anyone to tell me.  As an intelligent person, I know I need to use up the calories I put into my body in tasty, delicious food or I'm go...

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