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Christmas always comes early to a cake maker!

I know, you Bah-Humbuggers! It's only the beginning of November. It's still 53 days until Christmas Day. But that's only 75,000 minutes give or take and Advent arrives in 29 days! Plus, if you're a fan of the Christmas fruit cake, in particular, making one, then you'll have been thinking about this year's festivities back in September (if you like your cake pickled in a good dose of Brandy like my family do!) So it's not too early. But, it's also not too late - if you'd like a traditional rich fruit cake to act as centrepiece to your family celebration, get in touch as For Heaven's Cakes would be happy to help and, after all, there's still about 50 days of steeping in brandy to be had. Enjoy the countdown!

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