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Let them eat cake!

Now, everyone must do what they feel is right and I'm not going to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't eat. Nor, do I expect anyone to tell me. As an intelligent person, I know I need to use up the calories I put into my body in tasty, delicious food or I'm going to turn into a dumpling! That said, some people don't cook as much or care as much about food as I do and maybe they need a little help in planning their meals. The new Eatwell Guide has been released and shows what our plates of food should look like to try and maintain a healthy diet. And I'm delighted. Carbs are in there - infact 50% of our dietary energy should come from carbs, and dairy is a must (how else are you going to get your calcium unless you supplement). Phew, the cake industry breathes a sigh of relief! Of course, lower free sugars (less than 5% of dietary energy), salt and saturated fatty acids or simply fat, and processed foods are key, as well as trying to increase fibre through wholegrains, your 5-a-day and plenty of fluids. If you need a little help, it's worth visiting the British Nutrition Foundation website ( for all food facts, fads and fashions. They'll give you the lowdown on 'paleo' and other recent food trends like the use of saturated fatty acid-laden coconut oil (92%!) which will not lower your cholesterol as some products claim. Infact, invariably, there is little evidence to support the trendy health claims made out there (especially not data from testing effects on humans which is the only kind of testing I am interested in) so I'm sticking with everything in moderation. But, I'm not telling you what to do! I said I wouldn't! Literally, #justsaying

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