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Another series over!

So another series of the Great British Bake Off is over, and the For Heaven's Cakes team and Apprentices are forlorn, like bakers witnessing a soggy bottom they've no time to correct!

We weren't even going to watch it, outraged at the change of channel and loss of winning team of presenters. Yet, from week one, we were hooked! The formula hasn't changed, Prue was a welcome addition despite her best efforts to ruin the final reveal, and Noel and Sandi relaxed into their roles so as to not detract from the main stars of each week.

But what I continue to love most about the show, is exposure to new recipes and bakes I've never heard of. Does anyone remember the weirdly green and wonderful Prinsesstarta from Sweden that featured in the 2014 series? Within a week of the show airing, I was commissioned to make one by a chap in Africa for a friend currently staying in the UK! And this year, I have been introduced to the Entremet - originally a small dish common among the nobility and upper middle class in Europe during the later part of the Middle Ages, that symbolised the end of a serving of courses. It is now a mirror glazed multi-layered mousse-based cake with various complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts (thanks Wikipedia!) I am, of course, looking for the first opportunity to make it (or a call from a middle-aged nobleman wishing to place an order!)

The show has captured an audience and inspired a nation of bakers, like never before. And so, For Heaven's Cakes has found herself suddenly surrounded by a number of good local bakers, all setting up their own cake businesses, just as I did some 12 years ago. Competition is fierce, costs are at an all-time-high, yet prices that truly reflect the level of work put in to each creation, are hard to command. I love this work but my personal life is pushing me to find other avenues for my creative and culinary flair and so, whilst the For Heaven's Cakes series is not over, there will be non-cake creations coming. I have been inspired by the GBBO go on a journey of discovery, to other countries and in search of new ideas...I'll keep you posted, but for now, back to the kitchen!

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