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The Metro attempts to kill woman, 27, with cake!

A story in the Metro this week has left me be/amused, about a woman from Yorkshire with a crippling fear of cake. WHAT???!!!! Is it the 1st April?! Clearly not, but I can't quite believe her "gateau-related trauma in childhood" really led to her panic attacks. The Metro can't have bought her story either as they proceeded to take a series of pictures of her, surrounded by cake!! Were they trying to kill her?! Personally, the only gateau-related trauma I have ever experienced is whether to choose carrot over lemon drizzle, or vice versa. Apparently she is soon to be married and wants to overcome her fear before the big day or she'll have to have a rice crispy cake. There's nowt wrong with that lass! Jock, here, has a head entirely made of crispy cake - a very useful media for modelling!

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